Railcar Leasing

Railcar Ownership Program


Railcar Ownership Program! Investors First Capital is pleased to offer railcar purchase and lease opportunities to individual railcar buyers. A railcar buyer can expect a 100% return on his or her initial investment in approximately 8.5 years, plus an added bonus of a 7 year straight-line accelerated depreciation is yours when you acquire one or more railcars. The cars are leased to investment grade companies with superb credit ratings and we handle the entire transaction for you. Unlike many other ownership investments, railcars offer a 50+year lifespan thus 50 years of lease income to you the owner. After the initial investment is paid back this opportunity will offer you an annual 4.89% yield of pure profits for over 42 years for a total of 319% return on investment Our turnkey service includes transfer of ownership to you and an assignment of the lease(s). Our leasing customers are major oil companies and investment grade transportation companies that are in need of tanker cars or refrigerated box cars to transport their products throughout the USA & Canada. In addition to arranging for purchase of your railcar and leasing it for you, our turnkey services also include collecting of the lease payments and distribution of the proceeds to you along with providing annual tax accounting information for you or your CPA. All other expenses such as insurance and maintenance are paid by the lessee. We welcome questions from your CPA or investment advisor.